Friday, September 25, 2015

Journey: My finished summer project

Yesterday I finally put the finishing touches on my summer project (not last minute at all.....)

After reviewing the images from my first shoot I decided to reshoot some and started to lay them out as geographically as possible. 
Then I took some more photographs of the blank map to fill in some of the gaps. 

I um-ed and ah-ed a bit about how to present them and what size they should be as I didn't want them to be so small that you can't see properly what's going on but I realised it was going to be big. In the end, I've gone for a role of paper and attached the images with split pins.

Friday, September 18, 2015

La Manga 2015

So these are the last of my photographs from Spain. La Manga, for those of you who don't know, is a strip of land in the south east of Spain separated from the main land by a body of water called the Mar Menor. As my parents own a holiday apartment on the strip this has been our main holiday destination for the past 10 years although we do enjoy taking a couple of days to explore more of the local area.
la manga 1
la manga 2
la manga 3
la manga 4
la manga 5
la manga 6
la manga 7
la manga 8
la manga 9
la manga 10
la manga 11
la manga 12
la manga 13
la manga 14
la manga 15
la manga 16
la manga 17
la manga 18
la manga 19
la manga 20
la manga 21
la manga 22
la manga 23
la manga 24
la manga 25
la manga 26
la manga 27
la manga 28
la manga 29la manga 30