Saturday, July 26, 2014

Coventry Cathedral

This was my first "proper" photographic type project although really, it was a year 7 R.E homework project. At this point I knew absolutely nothing about photography and basically wondered around Coventry's cathedrals with only the second digital camera my parents had ever owned, taking photos I thought looked nice. 

Coventry is privileged enough to have 2 cathedrals which are, inventively called by local coventrians the "old cathedral" and the "new cathedral"! The "old cathedral" is a ruin having been bombed during the World war 2 blitz, hence the "new cathedral" was built in 1955.
the old cathedral
cathedral windows
bishop sarcophagus
fragments of stained glass
new through old
old and new
the cross on the roof
the large stained glass window
choir practice
sunlight on organ pipes
the tapestry
remembrance candle
stained glass windows
crown of thorns sculpture
fountains in front of cathedral
You might recognise this final image from my previous post!

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