Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WW2 Bomb factory

I'm baaaaack!! Back in Hereford and cracking on with my work already! On my first Sunday here I went on a expedition with some of my friends to what I believe is a WW2 bomb factory. Obviously, it had been abandoned for many years and, strictly speaking, we weren't supposed to be there...oops. However, it's a great place for taking photographs.


  1. A bomb factory, eh?
    I do agree that that place is a great place for photo shoot, and your shots did show how interesting the factory is.
    But how did you manage to get there? Great job! :)

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you so much, your comment has really made me smile! There's no high security preventing you from getting there (although maybe there should be!) so we just climbed over the fence.

  2. I should really disapprove, but these shots are so interesting I can't! I especially love the framed shots with the doorways and windows. And the snail of course.