Friday, June 12, 2015

Personal Philosophies project 2 final submission

For the second part of P7 I had to complete another project and develop it into a gallery piece. This time I was inspired by a series of handwritten letters that my nanny wrote to my family whilst she was living in Ghana with my granddad during the late 1990's. What I find interesting about them is the physicality of them, the fact that she took the time and effort to sit down and write to us and that it is something I have and can hold all these years later. 

To try and communicate this I have photographed close ups of the letters to highlight the physical aspects of them that, in my opinion, makes them so special and presented them with photographs that family members have taken during trips to Ghana to show the difference in culture and the vast distance the letters travelled to get to us.
ghana 1
letters 1
ghana 2
ghana 3
letters 2
ghana 4
letters 3
ghana 5
letters 4
ghana 6
ghana 7
letters 5
ghana 8
letters 6
ghana 9
ghana 10
ghana 11
letters 8
ghana 12
letters 9
ghana 13
letters 10
ghana 14
letters 11
ghana 15
I spent a long time working out how to lay the images out on the wall but when it cam to the final crit we weren't able to put them up as the wall had just been painted for the degree show so in the end we just laid them out on the floor as if they were on the wall.
floor layout 1floor layout 2floor layout 3
floor layout 4floor layout 5
floor layout 6
floor layout 7floor layout 8
floor layout 9
Below is a mock up that I created on Photoshop of the lay out if I had been able to put the piece up on the wall.
wall layout

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