Tuesday, January 26, 2016

P9 shoot 1

For this module we had to write our own brief. I started with one idea that wasn't really going anywhere so almost half way through the module I went back to the objects I photographed for my summer project. As I tried to develop the idea I started to think more about the gifts that were given to members of my family from friends or other family members who have travelled abroad as I think it says something very special about the relationship for the giver to be in another country and still thinking about somebody back at home.

At this point I was still keen on incorporating some sort of paper construction, as I had really enjoyed creating my paper silhouettes for my final module last year, and so I started trying to think about other things that can be associated with travel that I could make to photograph with the objects (I did buy a globe as I can imagine that to attempt to make one out of paper would have been a challenge!). I'll admit, I'm not overly pleased with how these were working but it was important for me to try it out and see.

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