Friday, February 12, 2016

Souvenirs: P9 final submission

After much stress, not so much with the blood, definitely sweat and almost tears I managed to complete everything I needed and submitted a final set of 15 images entitled "Souvenirs". 

This time, when I photographed, I set the depth of field and focal length of the camera and then careful place the objects with the plane of focus. Consequently, the objects are all to scale relative to each other (or at least they should be!). 

Throughout this module the concept behind my work has changed several times. It started out in a much more personal place and has end up more about tourism in general and how whether these object that we can possess from all over the world truly represent the cultures from which they originate.
souvenirs 1
souvenirs 2
souvenirs 3
souvenirs 4
souvenirs 5
souvenirs 6
souvenirs 7
souvenirs 8
souvenirs 9
souvenirs 10
souvenirs 11
souvenirs 12
souvenirs 13
souvenirs 14
souvenirs 15

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